Apple Vision Pro to launch at its flagship stores

Apple is gearing up to launch its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, treating it as the “next big thing” in its lineup.

The company has reportedly crafted its “most sophisticated” in-demo experience, designed to last around 25 minutes, to convince potential buyers to invest a minimum of $3500 in the mixed-reality headset.

To enhance the overall customer experience, Apple is also introducing a seating area dedicated to trying out the Vision Pro at its flagship stores.

With the Vision Pro already available for pre-booking, deliveries are set to commence on February 2.

During this period, prospective buyers can visit flagship stores to attend a dedicated session to help them make an informed decision about whether to purchase the cutting-edge headset.

According to insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is leaving no stone unturned in its preparation for the Vision Pro launch.

Gurman reveals that Apple retail stores across the United States closed early on January 21 for training sessions, where employees were educated on effectively demonstrating the Vision Pro and how to facilitate the device’s sales.

This comprehensive training follows secret briefings at Apple’s headquarters, where hundreds of employees were brought up to speed on giving Vision Pro demos in anticipation of the product’s official debut on February 2, as shared in Gurman’s weekly newsletter Power On.

Gurman provides further details, stating that 50 of Apple’s most significant stores in the US will feature a new seating area specifically designed for Vision Pro demonstrations.

Each setup will include crescent-shaped benches with faux leather, allowing several customers to sit down simultaneously and experience the device. To create a more immersive environment, the area will even have carpeting on the floor, replicating the feel of a living room.

There will be a dedicated table with seating for other Apple stores where users can go through the demo process.

Additionally, Gurman notes that customers who have ordered a Vision Pro for in-store pickup can verify their face scan and ensure proper fit when they arrive at the store.

This attention to detail is part of Apple’s commitment to delivering a seamless and personalized experience for users exploring the possibilities of the Vision Pro headset.