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Pitch Summary of the Dental Oral care Startup Pitch Deck:

Dental Startup Pitch Deck Summary


Slide 1: Introduction

  • Dentacare is an oral care startup specializing in products for diabetic patients
  • The company outlines its presence in the Asia pacific region.

Slide 2: Background

  • The company outlines the problems that diabetic patients suffer specifically related to oral care.
  • Such problems include Halitosis (Bad Breath), Implant Complications, Risk of Cardiovascular Events, Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) and several others.

Slide 3: Problem Statement

  • The company highlights how the current products offered in the market are not safe for the oral care of diabetic patients.
  • Such issues include the Presence of High Sugar Content in Products, the Inclusion of Alcohol in Mouthwashes and much more.

Slide 4: Solution

  • Dentacare offers over 100 clinically tested products based on market research.
  • Offers a holistic solution catering to the complete oral care requirements.

Slide 5: Market Size

    • The company segments market size into 3 parts- the Indian Market, the Asia Pacific Market and the Global Market.
    • The company shows the current size and the growth rates of all their target markets.

Slide 6: Business Model

  • Dentacare shows the assumption of selling 1.2 Million copies of their products to their customers worldwide by 2025.
  • The company assumes to achieve a turnover of $6 million USD with an average basket value of $5.

Slide 7: Founding Team

  • The company shows the names and profiles of its founders including their education and experience.

Slide 8: Products

  • The company shows logos of all their products aligning with their vision.

Slide 9: Funding Requirements

  • Fund requirement of $2000,000.
  • Allocation of funds towards Operations, Product Portfolio, HR and Marketing.

Dentacare Oral Care Startup Pitch Deck Free Download

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