• UnifyApps has successfully raised $11 million in a seed funding 

  • The round was co-led by Elevation Capital

  • It addresses four pivotal areas: data synchronization, workflow automation, no-code application development, and the creation of generative AI agents. 

UnifyApps has successfully raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Elevation Capital, with additional contributions from various founders and angel investors. This substantial investment will be directed towards developing an advanced unified integration platform aimed at enhancing enterprise capabilities. This platform is designed to significantly accelerate the creation of custom applications, enabling enterprises to develop these applications ten times faster. It will also facilitate the construction of workflow automations and ensure real-time data synchronization between different applications.

The brainchild of Pavitar Singh, Sumeet Nandal, Abhishek Kurana, Rachit Mittal, Abhinav Singi, Rahul Anishetty, Kavish Manubolu, and Shivam Satrawal, UnifyApps takes a comprehensive approach to integration. It addresses four pivotal areas: data synchronization, workflow automation, no-code application development, and the creation of generative AI agents. This multifaceted approach positions UnifyApps as a holistic solution provider, delivering enhanced return on investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for its customers.

UnifyApps is primarily targeting large enterprises on a global scale, ensuring that its platform is equipped to handle the complexity and scale required by these organizations. One of the startup’s key goals is to expand its platform to support over 5,000 applications, providing organizations with the flexibility to build their own custom integrations in less than a day. This capability is expected to revolutionize the way enterprises handle integration, making the process faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.


Elevation Capital, the leading investor in this funding round, has a notable track record of supporting innovative companies. Since its inception in 2002, Elevation Capital has backed over 190 companies and deployed more than $2.6 billion in capital. In April 2022, the firm launched its fifth India-focused fund, which is valued at $670 million. Elevation Capital’s support underscores the potential they see in UnifyApps and their confidence in the startup’s vision and execution capabilities.

The funds raised will enable UnifyApps to scale its operations and further develop its platform to meet the growing demands of enterprise customers. By offering a unified solution for data synchronization, workflow automation, no-code application development, and generative AI agent creation, UnifyApps aims to streamline complex enterprise processes and enhance overall efficiency.


In summary, UnifyApps’ recent seed funding round led by Elevation Capital is a significant milestone that will drive the development of an advanced integration platform. This platform promises to transform the way enterprises create custom applications, automate workflows, and synchronize data, delivering superior ROI and TCO. With the support of Elevation Capital and other investors, UnifyApps is well-positioned to expand its capabilities and impact on the global enterprise market. The company’s vision of providing a comprehensive, scalable, and efficient integration solution aligns with the needs of modern enterprises, making it a promising player in the enterprise software landscape