Anicut Capital Spearheads Rs 17 Crore Series A Investment in Illumine-i


Illumine Industries Private Limited, operating under the name Illumine-i, a leading sustainable design and engineering firm, has successfully secured Rs 17 crore (equivalent to approximately $2 million) in its Series A funding round led by Anicut Capital.


This significant infusion of capital is earmarked to bolster Illumine-i‘s technological capabilities, primarily focusing on automation, digitization, and enhancing asset quality.

Additionally, the investment is poised to facilitate the company’s expansion into new markets, marking a pivotal phase in its growth trajectory.


Established in 2015 by Nithish Sairam and Sudarsan Krishnan, Illumine-i embarked on its journey with a modest team of five members, initially specializing in designing low-voltage power plants.


Over the years, the company has evolved to provide comprehensive structural and electrical engineering solutions encompassing power plants, energy storage systems, and distribution components.


In addition to its core operations within the power sector, Illumine-i extends its expertise in digital modelling, MEP engineering, and project management to cater to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector, further diversifying its service portfolio.


Anicut Capital, a prominent asset management firm, manages various Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) spanning debt and equity strategies.

The firm currently oversees three debt funds (GAF-1, GAF-2, and GAF-4), a seed fund (GAAF), and an early growth equity fund (GAF-3), boasting a cumulative Assets Under Management (AUM) of Rs 3,000 crore.


With a strategic focus on investing in early-stage and growth-oriented startups and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Anicut Capital has forged a robust portfolio comprising renowned brands such as Wow! Momo, Axiscades, Kaynes, Bira, Sugar Cosmetics, Earth Rhythm, Wingreens, Blue Tokai, Sharechat, Mcaffeine, Milky Mist, XYXX, Curatio Healthcare, and Agnikul.


The partnership between Anicut Capital and Illumine-i signifies a mutual commitment to driving innovation and sustainable development within the engineering and design landscape.


By leveraging Anicut Capital’s financial backing and expertise, Illumine-i aims to strengthen its position as a market leader while pioneering advancements in automation and digitalization within the industry.


For Illumine-i, this funding round represents a validation of its vision and capabilities and an endorsement of its strategic roadmap for growth and expansion.


With Anicut Capital’s support, the company can capitalize on emerging opportunities, enhance operational efficiencies, and deliver unparalleled value to its clients across diverse sectors.


As Illumine-i embarks on this transformative journey, fueled by Anicut Capital’s investment, it remains steadfast in its commitment to driving sustainability, innovation, and excellence in design and engineering, thereby shaping a brighter and more resilient future for future generations.