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BajajCapital partners with WebEngage for customer engagement revolution

BajajCapital, a prominent wealth management company in India, has forged a strategic partnership with WebEngage, a comprehensive retention operating system. The objective behind this collaboration is to revolutionize BajajCapital’s customer engagement strategies.

In a press release, BajajCapital emphasized its dedication to prioritizing substantial and positive customer experiences on a large scale within the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry.

This strategic alliance seeks to introduce significant improvements and innovations in how the company engages with its customers, focusing on a more customer-centric approach.

By integrating WebEngage‘s state-of-the-art marketing automation solutions, BajajCapital acknowledges the importance of transformation and seamless customer experiences.

The company aims to enhance efficiency and simplicity in its communications across various platforms while optimizing the frequency of messages.

Aabhinna Suresh Khare, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at BajajCapital, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting that it underscores BajajCapital’s client-centric approach. 

Khare emphasized that the partnership represents the next logical step in simplifying client experiences. It signifies a convergence of technologies and a thoughtful integration of insights and experiences aimed at delivering personalized and genuine value to customers

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder and CEO of WebEngage, echoed excitement about the collaboration, stating that as BajajCapital enters the next phase of its digital transformation journey, WebEngage is thrilled to partner with them as enablers.

Singh aims to collaboratively curate and implement compelling data-backed customer engagement strategies, streamline complex processes, and deliver enhanced, personalized campaigns.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and tailored services, BajajCapital and WebEngage are laying the groundwork for a future where financial engagement evolves beyond transactions.

The envisioned future involves clients experiencing meaningful, personalized engagement that supports pursuing their financial goals.