• CHOSEN was founded by Dr. Renita Rajan, a prominent cosmetic dermatologist.

  • The round is led by Peak XV Partners through their SPARK program

  • The fresh influx of capital will be instrumental in expanding CHOSEN’s team.

Chennai-based skincare startup CHOSEN has successfully raised $1.2 million in its seed funding round, with the majority of the investment coming from friends and family. This latest funding builds on a previous equity-free grant of $100,000 from Peak XV Partners through their SPARK program, which supports women entrepreneurs.

The fresh influx of capital will be instrumental in expanding CHOSEN’s team and enhancing its supply chain infrastructure. With these resources, CHOSEN aims to bolster its operational capacity and streamline its production processes to meet growing demand.

CHOSEN was founded by Dr. Renita Rajan, a prominent cosmetic dermatologist known for her expertise and innovative approach to skincare. Dr Rajan’s vision for CHOSEN centres around leveraging cutting-edge technology and developing patented formulations to create high-performance skincare products. Additionally, the company is exploring the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to offer advanced, personalized skincare solutions.

Earlier this year, CHOSEN was recognized as part of Peak XV Partners’ cohort of women-led startups, a testament to its potential and innovative approach in the skincare industry. The $100,000 grant from Peak XV Partners has been pivotal in advancing CHOSEN’s research and development efforts, enabling the company to expand its product range and enhance its market presence.

Over the past four years, CHOSEN has made significant strides in developing a robust multi-channel ecosystem tailored to Indian skin types. The company prides itself on its extensive range of highly active cosmetic products, designed to address the unique skincare needs of its target demographic. Currently, CHOSEN offers 34 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and has an additional 12 products in the pipeline. The company has ambitious plans to launch several new products within the next 18 months, further diversifying its portfolio.

The funding secured through the seed round is expected to play a crucial role in CHOSEN’s growth strategy. By expanding its team, the company aims to bring in more expertise and enhance its research and development capabilities. The investment in supply chain enhancements will ensure that CHOSEN can efficiently scale its operations to meet increasing demand, reduce production bottlenecks, and maintain high-quality standards across its product range.

Dr. Rajan’s leadership and innovative vision have been central to CHOSEN’s success. Under her guidance, the company has developed proprietary formulations and utilized advanced technology to create skincare solutions that are both effective and suited to the specific needs of Indian consumers. The integration of IoT-led solutions is expected to further differentiate CHOSEN in the competitive skincare market, offering consumers personalized and data-driven skincare options.

CHOSEN’s recent achievements and plans highlight its commitment to innovation and excellence in skincare. The company’s focus on creating scientifically-backed, high-performance products has resonated with consumers, contributing to its rapid growth. With the additional funding and ongoing support from Peak XV Partners, CHOSEN is well-positioned to expand its market presence and achieve its projected growth targets.

Looking ahead, CHOSEN anticipates a two-fold increase in its scale this fiscal year. This optimistic projection is backed by the company’s strategic initiatives to enhance its product offerings, streamline its supply chain, and expand its team. By continuing to prioritize research and innovation, CHOSEN aims to solidify its position as a leader in the skincare industry and deliver exceptional products that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

In summary, CHOSEN’s recent funding milestone and strategic plans underscore its potential for significant growth and impact in the skincare sector. With a strong foundation, visionary leadership, and a commitment to innovation, CHOSEN is poised to make a lasting mark in the industry, offering cutting-edge skincare solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Indian consumers