Dubai Startup Scene- The government Aims to Attract Global SMEs with $136 Million

The Dubai government’s recent unveiling of a $136 million initiative aimed at empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand globally is expected to catalyze a surge of entrepreneurial activity and attract top talent from across the globe. 


This groundbreaking initiative, launched in collaboration with Emirates NBD, promises interest-free loans to fuel SME growth and facilitate entry into international markets, setting the stage for a vibrant and inclusive startup ecosystem in Dubai.


Experts and industry players laud the initiative for its inclusive approach, which extends support to SMEs irrespective of their ownership nationality. 


Dr. Kiran Nair, Associate Professor of Marketing at Abu Dhabi University, highlights the strategic significance of this move, emphasizing its potential to attract diverse talent and foster economic resilience.


By welcoming entrepreneurs from many backgrounds, Dubai aims to enrich its business landscape and position itself as a global hub for innovation and commerce.


The initiative’s emphasis on interest-free financing has garnered widespread acclaim among Dubai-based entrepreneurs, who view it as a significant catalyst for SME expansion.


Leo Dovbenko, Co-Founder of YallaHub, commends the initiative for aligning with the objectives of businesses like his own, which focus on facilitating global market access for local brands.


He anticipates that the initiative will fuel the growth of Dubai’s SME sector and bolster the emirate’s reputation as an international business destination.


Rada Russkikh, founder of Rada Russkikh and Gedonist Cosmetics brand, underscores the importance of access to capital for SMEs seeking to scale their operations globally.


She notes the evolving landscape of SME financing in Dubai, with increased state-level support opening new avenues for businesses to pursue their global ambitions.


Dr. Nair echoes these sentiments, emphasizing the crucial role of affordable financing in enabling SMEs to invest in international ventures and expand their market reach.


The initiative’s announcement comes when UAE businesses, such as Sanctuary and Romanovamakeup, are already making strides towards international expansion.


Deepak Malhotra, CEO of Sanctuary, views the initiative as a boon for companies seeking to broaden their global footprint, highlighting its potential to facilitate smoother international transactions.


Olga Romanova, founder of the Romanovamakeup brand, echoes this sentiment, expressing optimism about the opportunities it presents for Dubai-based brands to enhance their market position and develop new products for a global audience.


Dr. Nair emphasizes that the initiative underscores Dubai’s commitment to fostering economic growth, job creation, and global competitiveness.


The government aims to lay the groundwork for sustained economic expansion and diversification by empowering SMEs and providing them with the necessary financial support.


Additionally, by assisting SMEs in establishing a presence in regional and global markets, the initiative aligns with the evolving dynamics of today’s interconnected economy, positioning Dubai as a dynamic and forward-thinking business destination.