• Felicity Games is a burgeoning developer and publisher in the casual gaming sector.

  • This round was led by DeVC, Visceral Capital

  • Felicity Games was founded in 2023 by Anurag Choudhary, a former executive at Swiggy.


Felicity Games, a burgeoning developer and publisher in the casual gaming sector, has made headlines by securing $700,000 in its pre-seed funding round. This impressive capital injection comes from a mix of notable investors, including DeVC, Visceral Capital, and a roster of high-profile angel investors. Among these angel investors are Kunal Shah, the founder of CRED; Manish Agarwal, the former CEO of Nazara Technologies; Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy, the co-founders of Swiggy; and Sameer Pittalwala, the Head of Gaming at Google Cloud (APAC). This diverse and influential group of backers underscores the confidence in Felicity Games’ potential to make significant strides in the gaming industry.

The funds raised will be strategically allocated to the development and testing of ten additional games by March 2025. This ambitious goal reflects the company’s strategy to significantly expand its portfolio and market presence. Furthermore, Felicity Games has set an aggressive target to increase its revenue by tenfold by the end of the current year, signaling strong growth ambitions and a robust business plan.

Felicity Games was founded in 2023 by Anurag Choudhary, a former executive at Swiggy. Since its inception, the company has demonstrated rapid progress and innovation. Recently, it launched two new game titles, “Seek & Find” and “Nova Solitaire.” These games have already shown promising results, being unit economics positive in the US and other Western markets. This early success is evidenced by over 100,000 downloads in just three months, indicating strong consumer interest and engagement.

Based in Bengaluru, Felicity Games has developed a unique approach to game development. The company focuses on rapidly prototyping and testing casual games to assess their commercial viability. This process is streamlined using their proprietary framework known as “Pokhran.” This innovative framework allows the company to efficiently evaluate which games have the potential for success and scale them accordingly. This methodology not only reduces risk but also ensures that only the most promising games receive the resources needed for further development and marketing.

In its first year of operation, Felicity Games has already launched over ten game titles. These games have collectively attracted more than one million monthly users across 14 different geographies. This impressive reach demonstrates the company’s ability to cater to a global audience and adapt its games to various cultural contexts. The growing user base is a testament to the quality and appeal of Felicity’s game offerings.

The casual gaming market is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for attention. However, Felicity Games’ strategic approach and early successes position it well for continued growth. The backing from prominent investors provides not only financial support but also valuable industry insights and connections. This support will be crucial as the company navigates the challenges of scaling its operations and expanding its market presence.

Looking ahead, Felicity Games aims to build on its early momentum by continuing to innovate and expand its game portfolio. The company’s ability to quickly prototype and test new games will be a key advantage in staying ahead of market trends and consumer preferences. Additionally, the goal to test ten new games by March 2025 reflects a commitment to aggressive growth and a willingness to take calculated risks.

The gaming industry is poised for significant growth, and Felicity Games is strategically positioned to capitalize on this trend. With a solid foundation, innovative approach, and strong financial backing, the company is well-equipped to achieve its ambitious goals. As Felicity Games continues to develop and launch new titles, it is likely to become a major player in the casual gaming market, attracting a growing number of users and generating substantial revenue in the process.