Indian Startup Ecosystem Celebrates 45% Women-Led Startups, 108 Unicorns, and a $141 Billion Investment Journey- Smriti Irani

On #NationalStartupDay, prominent Indian politician Smriti Z Irani took to Twitter to express her pride in India’s flourishing startup ecosystem. 


In a tribute to Nari Shakti, she highlighted the significant role of women entrepreneurs, revealing that women lead an impressive 45% of India’s startups.


This statistic underscores women’s remarkable potential and talent in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Irani attributed India’s thriving startup ecosystem to its demographic dividend, characterized by a young and dynamic population. 


Combined with innovative ideas and transformative government policies led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these factors position India as a global startup powerhouse. 


Irani noted, “These factors propel India to become a global startup powerhouse.”


The tweet provided insights into India’s world-class startup ecosystem, mentioning that the country holds the third-largest startup ecosystem globally.


Irani emphasized the decentralization and inclusivity of the startup culture, with more than 50% of startups thriving in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 


India boasts an impressive 108 unicorns with a total value surpassing US$340.80 billion, solidifying its position on the global map for startup innovation.


Highlighting India’s global standing in innovation, Irani stated, “India secures the second position in the global innovation scene,” showcasing its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge technology and ideas.


The diversity of sectors within India’s startup scene, spanning technology, healthcare, finance, and agriculture, reflects the adaptability and versatility of Indian entrepreneurs.


Irani shared a staggering investment figure: “An astounding $141 billion+ has been invested in India’s startups from 2014 to 2023.” 


This underscores investors’ immense confidence and interest in the Indian startup ecosystem.