• Nintee’s founder -Paras Chopra, has regretfully decided to cease operations.

  • Notable backers¬† included prominent entities such as Peak XV Partners, Kunal Shah, and several others.

  • Nintee offers four months of severance pay & job in other venture VWO to employees.

Nintee, a pioneering digital health venture initiated by Wingify founder Paras Chopra, has regretfully decided to cease operations barely a year after its inception.

Chopra conveyed this development through a candid blog post, wherein he disclosed that a substantial portion of the funding secured by the company still needs to be utilized and will be promptly returned to its investors within the ensuing weeks. Notable backers of Nintee included prominent entities such as Peak XV Partners, Kunal Shah, and several others.

Initially conceived with the ambitious vision of leveraging artificial intelligence to assist individuals in cultivating healthier habits for a transformative lifestyle, Nintee garnered significant interest from a dedicated niche audience. However, despite this initial traction, Chopra admitted that the team needed help to ascertain the potential for Nintee to achieve the scale necessary for venture capital investment.

In an attempt to pivot and explore alternative avenues, Nintee redirected its focus towards education and learning-centric initiatives. Yet, the harsh reality of contemporary consumer app development quickly became apparent, revealing formidable challenges that proved impossible for the fledgling startup.

In light of this decision, Nintee has taken steps to provide its affected employees with stability, offering four months of severance pay and extending invitations to join Chopra’s other venture, VWO, with comparable salaries. This gesture underscores the commitment to supporting the individuals impacted by the closure, ensuring a smoother transition during this tumultuous period.

Nintee was Chopra’s third entrepreneurial¬†endeavor, following the successes of VWO and Wingify. Notably, Wingify, a bootstrap venture, has consistently reported profits in recent fiscal years. In the preceding financial year, its operational revenue surged by 16.8%, reaching Rs 223 crore, with a commendable profit after tax amounting to Rs 51 crore.

The closure of Nintee adds to a growing tally of startups in India facing similar fates, with approximately half a dozen ventures announcing shutdowns within the current calendar year alone. Among these are recognizable names such as Resso (India), Rario, OKX (India), Muvin, and GoldPe. This trend extends back to 2023, wherein over 15 startups ceased operations due to various challenges, including funding constraints.

In reflecting on Nintee’s journey, Chopra’s acknowledgement of the complexities inherent in the startup ecosystem serves as a sobering reminder of the inherent risks and uncertainties entrepreneurs must navigate. While Nintee may have yet to achieve the envisioned success, its legacy is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.