• Trampoline prides itself on offering a comprehensive, full-stack experience from design to delivery..

  • The round is led by Matrix Partners India and WaterBridge Ventures.

  • It was founded in December 2023 by industry veterans Abhik Ghosh, Anushka Mahanti, and Varun Deo.

Trampoline, a burgeoning cross-border B2B home décor brand, has successfully secured $5 million in its seed funding round. This significant financial boost was led by Matrix Partners India and WaterBridge Ventures, with additional support from Alteria Capital, which contributed $2 million in venture debt. This substantial investment is aimed at reinforcing Trampoline’s supply chain and sourcing capabilities, driving new product development, and laying the foundation for a robust early team.

Founded in December 2023 by industry veterans Abhik Ghosh, Anushka Mahanti, and Varun Deo, Trampoline is set on revolutionizing the B2B home décor market. The startup prides itself on offering a comprehensive, full-stack experience from design to delivery. One of Trampoline’s standout features is its innovative toolkit, designed to enhance the customer experience. This toolkit includes tailored curation services, flexible payment arrangements, and options for no or low minimum order quantities (MOQs). These features are particularly attractive to independent retailers and interior designers who seek high-quality products with manageable financial commitments.

Trampoline’s journey began with a successful launch in the UK in February 2024. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the startup reporting substantial demand. Within just a few months, Trampoline managed to secure over 1,500 unit orders, signalling strong market validation for its business model. This early success underscores the brand’s ability to meet the needs of its target audience effectively. Independent retailers and interior designers in the UK have particularly resonated with Trampoline’s mission to bridge the gap between their stores and manufacturers. This alignment has fostered a growing customer base that appreciates the seamless integration and efficiency that Trampoline brings to the table.

The founders bring a wealth of experience and a clear vision to the company. Abhik Ghosh, with his extensive background in the home décor industry, has a keen understanding of market trends and customer needs. Anushka Mahanti’s expertise in supply chain management ensures that Trampoline can deliver on its promises of reliability and quality. Varun Deo’s experience in technology and innovation is instrumental in developing the sophisticated toolkit that sets Trampoline apart from its competitors.

The infusion of funds from Matrix Partners India and WaterBridge Ventures is a testament to the confidence these investors have in Trampoline’s potential. Matrix Partners India, known for backing disruptive startups, sees Trampoline as a promising player in the B2B home décor space. WaterBridge Ventures, with its focus on early-stage investments, recognizes the innovative approach and growth potential that Trampoline offers. Alteria Capital’s contribution through venture debt further strengthens the company’s financial position, providing additional flexibility to scale operations.

Trampoline’s focus on new product development is a critical aspect of its growth strategy. By continually innovating and expanding its product offerings, the company aims to stay ahead of market trends and cater to a diverse range of customer preferences. This commitment to innovation is complemented by efforts to build a strong early team. Attracting and retaining top talent is essential for sustaining the company’s growth trajectory and maintaining high standards of service and product quality.

Looking ahead, Trampoline is poised to capitalize on its early success in the UK market and expand its footprint. The company’s strategy involves not only increasing its market presence but also enhancing its operational capabilities to ensure consistent and reliable service. With the backing of seasoned investors and a clear vision for the future, Trampoline is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the B2B home décor industry.

In summary, Trampoline’s recent seed funding round marks a pivotal moment in its journey. The company’s innovative approach, strong market response, and strategic use of funds highlight its potential to become a major player in the home décor sector. With a dedicated team and robust financial backing, Trampoline is set to achieve its mission of connecting retailers and manufacturers seamlessly and efficiently.