Ananya and Anushree Maloo, from Ahmedabad, achieved a remarkable feat on Shark Tank India by securing a Rs 25 lakh investment for their brand Nuutjob, which specializes in male intimate hygiene products.

The concept of two women pitching a brand exclusively catering to male intimate hygiene may seem unconventional. Still, it proved a winning formula for Ananya and Anushree Maloo, who clinched a deal worth Rs 25 lakh for a 20% equity stake in Shark Tank India. 

Their appearance on the Indian iteration of the renowned reality show showcased Nuutjob, the brainchild of these enterprising sisters based in Ahmedabad. Nuutjob offers a range of products designed to address male intimate hygiene needs.

Identifying as ‘the Maloo sisters,’ these 26-year-olds have garnered attention for their bold entrepreneurial endeavour.

How they Started

Raised as first cousins in a close-knit joint family in Ahmedabad, Ananya and Anushree Maloo share a special bond, having been inseparable since childhood. While Ananya pursued a career in marketing within the entertainment industry, Anushree managed business operations for a modular kitchen company.

The inspiration for Nuutjob stemmed from observing the challenges faced by men in maintaining good hygiene and the observation that male hygiene is often a less discussed topic. Ananya believes that while women have numerous options for intimate hygiene products, men need more choices and are hesitant to discuss their hygiene needs openly. Recognizing this gap in the market sparked the sisters’ idea.

In an interview with Better India, Anushree recalls concerns from their mothers and grandparents regarding their venture, primarily due to societal perceptions about marriageability. However, their fathers provided unwavering support, understanding their passion and commitment to the business.
Both sisters remained resolute in pursuing their entrepreneurial dream, determined not to be deterred by societal judgments. They patiently explained their business concept to their family until they fully supported them. Anushree mentions proudly that their fathers were the first to try their products and provided valuable feedback during product development.

The Shark Tank Moment

The idea for Nuutjob was conceived during the 2020 lockdown, followed by a year of extensive research and product testing. An initial investment of approximately Rs 5 lakh enabled them to launch their products online in July 2021. Their breakthrough came with their appearance on Shark Tank India, which transformed their lives.
Reflecting on their experience, Ananya expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the show’s judges. The show provided them with an incredible platform to showcase their vision. The positive response from the sharks boosted their confidence and propelled them forward.
Since appearing on the show, Nuutjob has experienced a massive surge in sales and garnered praise from satisfied customers, particularly men who appreciate the availability of specialized hygiene products.

Product Range 

Nuutjob currently offers multiple product SKUs—intimate wash, deodorizer,  intimate moisturizer, perfumes, liquid powder, hair removers and many other products —designed to address various male and female hygiene needs. Ananya reveals their plans to focus on educating people about the importance of such products, intending to incorporate humour into their campaigns to engage their audience effectively.
 In conclusion, Ananya and Anushree Maloo’s journey epitomizes resilience and determination in the face of societal norms. Their innovative venture is poised to significantly impact male and female intimate hygiene.