No matter how many preconceived notions one may have about content marketing and the way content is presented we can not deny the fact that it is on the rise. Content marketing is surely one of the most reliable ways to facilitate building the sales funnel for your startup, enhancing its search rankings and sales. With the evolution of the blogging industry, there are certain tools to help your startup’s blog succeed. We have tried to enlist a few resources which can help you run your blog smoothly and thus increase traffic, signups and sales.

Blogging Tools for Startups

If you do not want to get into the hassle of hosting your own blog, is the most popular go-to platform for bloggers.


It’s easy to use, ads-free and connects you to the right audience looking for good quality content, so you can focus on what matters. You can join the Medium Partner Program and earn for sharing your best stories and articles. It has a beautiful and elegant editor which makes it desirable for anyone. It connects you automatically with Twitter hence bringing out the best of the blog and social media.

It’s free to join. For more details, visit:


Rewordly is a platform that makes research sharing and management faster within a team.

It eradicates problems like overloaded inboxes, and redundant work and helps in sharing and capturing quality information.

Makes teams work faster by avoiding the need for mailing articles or printing of pdf etc. It transforms everyday processes more engaging and rewarding. It gives instant editing and all sources are indexed with detailed insights every day in form of a daily digest.

Demo is available on request
For more details, visit:


Ghost is a new open source platform for running online publications and blogs. It has a group of tools with fully managed PAAS. It has markdown-based editing environment that allows for fast formatting and a seamless authoring experience.

It has a simple content management system with robust tagging functionality. It has multiple roles for editors, authors and administrators. Complete content can be scheduled in advance. Inbuilt search engine optimization, detailed structure data, accelerated mobile pages, subscription by RSS, email and Slack.

14-day free trial available.

Available in 4 packages: Personal, Advanced, Team, Business

For more details, visit:


Known by everyone, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is an open-source platform which can be used to build a fully functional website or a blog.


Its simple content management system gives you control over every aspect of the editor. It is highly scalable with the provision of building discussion forums, learning management systems (LMS), membership plans etc.  Endless free and premium themes are available which help you to create a beautiful blog/ website. A suite of free plugins is also available to handle every requirement. It has an inbuilt search engine optimisation feature too.

It is free to use.
For more details, visit:


It’s an easy-to-use free blogging platform which you can use to create elegant and beautiful blogs which fit your style.


Flexible layout with unlimited background images, free domain, option to earn money via Adsense integration, built-in analytics and provision to connect with Google Analytics. Store thousands of images, posts etc and can be shared with a wide community.

It’s free to use.

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