• Computer vision SaaS Startup Assert AI has raised $4 Million Funding from notable investors.

  • The company operates across India, USA and the Middle east.

  • It enables its clientele automate tasks and gain actionable insights from their Operations.

Assert AI, a computer vision Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, has raised $4 million (approximately Rs 30 crore) in a recent funding round. Notable investors participated in the round, including Ramesh Hariharan (former CTO and co-founder of LatentView), Prashant Purker (previously MD & CEO of ICICI Venture), Arya.ag (an integrated grain commerce platform), and several individual backers.


According to a statement released by Assert AI, the company will allocate funds towards expanding its market presence in key regions, advancing research and development initiatives, and pioneering further innovations in computer vision technology.


Operating across India, the United States, and the Middle East, Assert AI equips computers with perpetual vision capabilities and sophisticated algorithms to process visual data, mimicking human perception without the risk of human error.


Its solutions enable businesses to automate tasks, enhance customer interactions, and gain actionable insights from their operations. Assert AI’s product lineup comprises three primary offerings: Pratham, a user-friendly platform for computer vision development; Alpha, which provides clients with diverse options for integrating and utilizing data within their systems; and Falcon, a solution revolutionizing warehouse inventory management through real-time tracking and optimization functionalities.


Under the leadership of Job Philip, Assert AI boasts a track record of delivering over 50 applications to a diverse clientele, including large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and governmental entities.