Devotional platform DevDham, formerly DevDarshan, has secured Rs 6 crore in its seed funding round, with prominent participation from Titan Capital, All In Capital, Veda VC, and TDV Partners.

Having accumulated $1 million in investments thus far, DevDham divulged its strategic plans for utilizing the raised funds. As a recent press release stated, the company intends to channel the capital towards expanding its temple network, bolstering technological infrastructure, and fortifying its marketing initiatives.

Founded in 2020 by Pranav Kapoor, Suyansh Taneja, and Sagnika Chowdhary, DevDham has set its sights on creating a global connection between devotees and Hindu temples. The platform offers online daily darshan and pujas and facilitates digital donations. With an overarching goal to emerge as a comprehensive devotional hub, DevDham seeks to cater to the diverse spiritual needs of its users.

Claiming notable achievements, DevDham asserts that it has facilitated over 500,000 mantra chantings and provided over 100,000 darshans to a dedicated base of 100,000 devotees. Additionally, the platform boasts a robust network comprising more than 500 temples and over 2,000 pandits across 18 states.

In recent months, early-stage startups in the devotional and astrological space have experienced a surge in funding activities. Notable mentions include Vama and Melooha, both having successfully secured new rounds, while AstroTalk, InstaAstro, and Bodhi are currently in the fundraising process.