DocOsage Funding- Secures Pre-Seed Round Led by Mayur Agarwal

DocOsage, an innovative AI-powered health platform catering to diverse health needs, has successfully raised an undisclosed amount in pre-seed funding led by Angel Investor Dr Mayur Agarwal.


The funds acquired will be strategically utilized to bolster product development, enhance Core-AI capabilities for health insights, and conduct early-stage testing for their telehealth and genetic studies platform.


Established in October 2023 by Mr Varun Vashisthaa, Dr Shivali Agarwal, and Dr Lipi Verma, DocOsage positions itself as a trailblazing lifelong health companion app, aiming to revolutionize healthcare in India with a comprehensive approach to individual and family well-being.


The New Delhi-based company is committed to fostering collaboration among healthcare providers, creating specialized healthcare communities, and contributing to improved treatment plans for national welfare.


Varun Vashisthaa, Co-founder and CEO of DocOsage articulates the company’s vision, stating, “DocOsage is dedicated to transforming healthcare through state-of-the-art technology.


The initial funding will catalyze launching product development, paving the way for a revolutionary health platform. DocOsage is unwavering in its commitment to shaping the future of proactive healthcare.”


Dr. Lipi Verma(PT), Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of DocOsage, adds, “We aspire to empower individuals and families through accessible, technology-driven healthcare solutions.


This pre-seed round propels us towards shaping our vision by fueling the foundational development of our innovative health platform.”


DocOsage offers convenience through home delivery of medicines, seamless booking of investigations and diagnostics, and easy sharing of reports.


The platform pioneers a holistic approach to health management, leveraging AI for personalized health insights, and plans to integrate telehealth and genetic testing for comprehensive care.


DocOsage has cultivated an empowered community, connecting trusted doctors, allied medical experts, pharmacists, and patients for support and collaboration.


Dr Mayur Agarwal, Investor and Advisor, expresses enthusiasm for DocOsage’s vision: “DocOsage is not just an app; it’s a healthcare revolution. We see great potential in DocOsage’s vision and are excited to support the early stages of their groundbreaking health tech solution.”


Looking ahead, DocOsage is focused on refining its product through iterative development based on early user feedback.


The startup also plans to explore strategic partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies, incorporating technological advancements to enhance product features. 


Additionally, DocOsage is preparing for subsequent funding rounds to scale and expand its offerings.


About DocOsage:


DocOsage is a pioneering lifelong health companion app, revolutionizing healthcare in India with a holistic approach to individual and family well-being. In a fragmented and inefficient Indian healthcare system, where quality care remains inaccessible for 70% of the population, DocOsage emerges as a comprehensive solution.


The company, headquartered in New Delhi, is pivotal in establishing dedicated healthcare communities and fostering collaboration among healthcare providers to enhance treatment plans and contribute to the nation’s progress.


DocOsage ensures convenience with home delivery of medicines, seamless booking of investigations and diagnostics, and easy sharing of reports.


Born out of a desire to unite healthcare workers and simplify life for patients, DocOsage aims to create a powerful and respectful platform for professionals dedicated to their profession while making life more manageable for individuals of all ages.