Hyderabad Angels Fund Launches Rs 150 Crore Fund to Support AI Startups


Hyderabad Angels Fund (HAF) has made public the launch of its inaugural venture capital fund, designated as a Category 1 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), boasting a fund size of Rs 100 crore along with an additional greenshoe option of Rs 50 crore.


The fund’s investors encompass seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders from diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, health sciences, technology, and sustainability. Notably, the management partners represent the most significant contributors to the fund.


With a vision to fuel the growth of disruptive startups harnessing technology and artificial intelligence (AI) at the Pre-Series A and Series A stages, the fund endeavours to allocate up to Rs 5 crore across 20 such ventures.


Furthermore, it pledges a solid commitment to providing follow-on investments to nurture future expansion, as highlighted in a press release by HAF.


Established in 2012, Hyderabad Angels (HA) is a vital platform for linking angel investors with innovative entrepreneurs harbouring novel business concepts. The overarching mission is to foster emerging talent and extend investments to promising startups globally to generate tangible and intangible value.


As per the fund’s strategy, it scouts and invests in opportunities within India and across international borders, including prominent markets such as the USA, UK, Singapore, and UAE.


Collaborating closely with other angel networks, incubators, accelerators, and educational institutions nationwide, the platform facilitates discussions, fosters ideation, encourages co-investment and facilitates knowledge-sharing initiatives.