• Poshn raises $ million in equity and other $2 million in debt.

  • Round is led by Prime Venture Partners and Zephyr Peacock India

  • Poshn is positioned to lead transformative change through technological innovation and operational excellence

Poshn, a dynamic food-tech startup, has recently secured a significant boost in funding, garnering $4 million in equity and an additional $2 million in debt during its pre-Series A funding phase. This investment drive, led by Prime Venture Partners and Zephyr Peacock India, underscores mounting confidence in Poshn’s innovative approach to refining the unstructured food ecosystem.

Established in 2020 by Shashank Singh and Bhuvnesh Gupta, Poshn swiftly emerged as a frontrunner, deploying a comprehensive, full-stack model to optimize food value chains across various sectors.

This recent influx of funding elevates Poshn’s total equity raised since its inception to a noteworthy $8 million. The company aims to utilize this fresh capital to fortify its suite of pioneering solutions, which are designed to address crucial gaps within the supply chain. Additionally, Poshn intends to broaden its global presence by targeting promising markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East through strategic import and export ventures.

Shashank Singh, Co-founder of Poshn, underscored the company’s dedication to robust growth and international expansion, stating, “Poshn has firmly established its presence in the wholesale segment over the past three years. With the support of our investing partners and the injection of new equity, we are poised to aggressively integrate forward and backwards in the chain, and tap into foreign/export markets over the next 12 months while ensuring profitable growth.”

Poshn’s extraordinary journey has been marked by exponential revenue growth, surging six-fold from FY22 to FY24, all while maintaining profitability—a feat that sets Poshn apart in the startup landscape. Presently, the company operates across 16 states in India, solidifying its presence and reputation in the industry.


In reflection of the strategic partnership, Mukul Gulati, Managing Partner at Zephyr Peacock India, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Poshn: “Poshn is leveraging technology to simplify and organize the fragmented food value chain in India. Both buyers and suppliers are embracing Poshn’s platform for convenient access to quality products at competitive prices. We are thrilled to partner with Shashank and Bhuvnesh.”

Prime Venture Partners echoed similar sentiments, highlighting Poshn’s emphasis on operational excellence and return on investment. “Poshn has consistently maintained a focus on the bottom line with remarkable returns on capital employed and aims to further expand by delving deeper into the supply chain while also pursuing comprehensive vertical integrations,” remarked a representative from Prime Venture Partners.

With a strategic vision aimed at addressing inefficiencies prevalent in the expansive $800 billion food supply chain market, Poshn is positioned to lead transformative change through technological innovation and operational excellence. The company’s unwavering pursuit of efficiency and scale underscores its commitment to reshaping the future of food distribution on a global scale.