More Real Money Games To List On Google Play Store In India

Google is set to make significant adjustments to its Play Store policy in India, allowing more real-money games (RMGs) to be listed, with a focus on popular games like Rummy.



The decision stems from the growing popularity of real-money games in the country, prompting Google to adapt its policies to cater to user preferences and ensure user safety.



Karan Gambhir, the Director of Global Trust and Safety Partnerships at Google, addressed the changes in a blog post, stating, “To ensure Google Play keeps up with the pace of developer innovation while promoting user safety, we’ve since conducted several pilot programs to determine how to support more real money games operators and game types.”



Gambhir specifically mentioned the enthusiastic response from Indian developers who are eager to bring real-money gaming apps to a broader Android user base.



Google initiated a pilot program focusing on Rummy and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) better to understand the dynamics and requirements of real-money gaming businesses.



Building on the insights gained from these pilots and receiving positive feedback from users and developers, Google is now expanding its support for more real money game apps.



According to Gambhir, Google Play will start endorsing additional RMG apps, encompassing game types and operators not covered by existing licensing frameworks.



The expanded support for real-money gaming apps is scheduled to launch in June, initially targeting users in India, Mexico, and Brazil. There are plans to extend this support to users in more countries.



As part of the transition, Google is extending the grace period for pilot apps within the Google Play Pilot Program. This extension allows DFS and Rummy apps to remain on Google Play until June 30, 2024, when the new policy becomes effective.



After this period, developers participating in the pilot program can distribute a broader range of real-money gaming apps on Google Play to users in India beyond DFS and Rummy, ensuring compliance with local laws and the updated policy.



Gambhir emphasized the collaborative effort with developers to tailor the approach to the unique economics and earning models within the real-money gaming industry.



The extended grace period and ongoing collaboration demonstrate Google’s commitment to a smooth transition while accommodating developers’ specific needs and legal considerations in this space.



In conclusion, Google’s decision to allow more real money games on the Play Store in India reflects a strategic move to align its policies with the country’s evolving landscape of mobile gaming preferences.



The expanded support is anticipated to benefit developers and cater to the diverse gaming interests of Android users in India and beyond.