Shark Tank India Judges have invested over $10 million in Startups and their portfolio expands beyond what they invest on the show


During each season of Shark Tank India, the panel of judges have invested 10s of millions of dollars in businesses they deem worthy of their capital. However, their investments aren’t confined solely to the enterprises showcased on the show. 


Apart from the investments facilitated on Shark Tank India, the panel of judges also allocates funds to various other startups and businesses that form part of their investment portfolio.


Here’s a compilation of startups in which various judges from Shark Tank India have invested throughout their careers, encompassing both deals made on the show and other investments.


Compilation of Startups Backed by Shark Tank India Judges


Anupam Mittal

anupam mittal shark tank india

Anupam Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur, best known as the founder and CEO of, one of the world’s largest matrimonial websites. was launched in 1996 and has since become a prominent platform for individuals seeking matrimonial matches.

Anupam Mittal’s entrepreneurial ventures also extend to other sectors such as hospitality and real estate. He is recognized for his contributions to the Indian internet industry and has been involved in various initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the country.

Anupam claims to have invested in 200+ Startups over the years.

Here’s the list of startups in which Anupam Mittal has invested:

1. Watt Technovations – Innovators in renewable energy solutions.
2. TradeX – A platform revolutionizing the trade industry with digital solutions.
3. Heart Up My Sleeves – A startup dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness.
4. COCOFIT – Providing fitness enthusiasts with innovative coconut-based products.
5. BizzTM – Empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions.
6. Sunfox Technologies – Leaders in software development and IT services.
7. ARRCOAT – Pioneers in eco-friendly and sustainable coatings.
8. The Sass Bar – Crafting artisanal bath and body products for a luxurious experience.
9. The Yarn Bazaar – Your go-to destination for premium quality yarn and knitting supplies.
10. Lysto – A fashion-forward brand offering trendy clothing and accessories.
11. Bamboo India – Committed to sustainable living through bamboo-based products.
12. PawsIndia – Catering to the needs of your furry companions with premium pet care solutions.
13. The Quirky Naari – Celebrating individuality with unique and quirky fashion designs.
14. Let’s Try Foods – Introducing innovative and delicious food products for culinary adventures.
15. Carragreen – Leaders in eco-friendly and sustainable home decor solutions.
16. Meatyour – Offering high-quality and ethically sourced meat products.
17. Skippi Ice Pops – Creating refreshing and delicious ice pops for all occasions.
18. NxtWave – Driving innovation in the technology sector with cutting-edge solutions.
19. Reevoy – Revolutionizing the eyewear industry with stylish and affordable options.
20. Jain Shikanji – Providing refreshing traditional Indian beverages for every occasion.
21. Thinkerbell Labs – Making education inclusive and accessible through innovative learning tools.
22. Ola – A leading ride-hailing platform transforming urban mobility.
23. VivaLyf – Committed to holistic wellness through natural and organic products.
24. ASQI Advisors – Providing expert financial and advisory services to businesses.
25. Revamp Moto – Redefining the automotive industry with innovative vehicle solutions.
26. Find Your Kicks India – Your ultimate destination for trendy and fashionable footwear.
27. InACan – Offering convenient and delicious canned food options for busy lifestyles.
28. BharatX – Empowering Indian entrepreneurs with digital tools and resources.
29. Tweek Labs – Creating innovative digital solutions to enhance user experiences.
30. CosIQ – Offering premium cosmetics and skincare products for every beauty need.

Aman Gupta

aman gupta shark tank india

Aman Gupta is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader known for his innovative ventures and humorous presence on Shark Tank India. With a keen eye for identifying market opportunities, Gupta has established himself as a prominent figure in the startup ecosystem. 

He co-founded Boat, a leading consumer electronics brand renowned for its quality audio products. Under his leadership, Boat has experienced remarkable growth and success, becoming a household name in India. Gupta’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies resilience, vision, and a commitment to excellence, earning him recognition as one of the driving forces behind the transformation of the consumer electronics industry in India.

Here’s the list of startups in which Aman Gupta has invested:

1. AyuRythm: A holistic wellness brand offering Ayurvedic products and services.

2. Raising Superstars: A platform dedicated to nurturing and developing young talents across various fields.

3. Hoovu Fresh: An innovative agricultural startup focused on delivering fresh and organic produce.

4. Licious: A leading online marketplace for high-quality meat and seafood products.

5. Peeschute: Revolutionizing the outdoor sanitation industry with innovative portable solutions.

6. Beyond Snack: Crafting healthy and delicious snack options for mindful consumers.

7. WickedGud: Creating indulgent and guilt-free dessert alternatives for health-conscious individuals.

8. Brainwired: Pioneering advancements in neurotechnology to enhance cognitive abilities.

9. Gear Head Motors: Engineering cutting-edge solutions for automotive and motor vehicle industries.

10. Floryo: Redefining floral gifting experiences with exquisite arrangements and sustainable practices.

11. The Renal Project: A healthcare initiative dedicated to improving renal health and kidney care.

12. Beyond Water: Providing access to clean and sustainable drinking water solutions for communities.

13. Very Much Indian: Celebrating Indian culture and heritage through curated lifestyle products.

14. Nuutjob: Men’s intimate hygiene products offered via D2C Channels.

15. Altor: Designing and manufacturing premium-quality outdoor adventure gear and equipment.

16. 10Club: A membership-based platform offering exclusive perks and benefits for subscribers.

17. EventBeep: Streamlining event management processes with intuitive and user-friendly software.

18. Shiprocket: Empowering businesses with seamless and efficient e-commerce logistics solutions.

19. Farda Clothing: Redefining fashion with stylish and sustainable clothing options.

20. COCOFIT: Harnessing the power of coconut-based ingredients for health and wellness products.

21. Namhya Foods: Crafting gourmet food products using traditional recipes and premium ingredients.

22. STAGE: A versatile platform for artists and performers to showcase their talents and connect with audiences.

23. Anveshan: Fueling curiosity and innovation through educational and experiential learning programs.

24. Bluepine Foods: Spearheading sustainable seafood farming practices to meet global demand.

25. WYLD: Creating immersive virtual reality experiences for entertainment and education.

26. Revamp Moto: Offering innovative solutions for motorcycle customization and modification.

27. Chargeup: Revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure with smart and accessible solutions.

28. Hammer: A consumer electronics brand specializing in high-quality and affordable equipment and accessories.

29. Meatyour: Connecting consumers with premium-quality meat products from trusted sources.

30. Skippi Ice Pops: Crafting refreshing and flavorful frozen treats for all occasions.

31. The Yarn Bazaar: A marketplace for yarn and knitting supplies catering to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

32. Loka: Promoting sustainable living through eco-friendly lifestyle products and initiatives.

33. Let’s Try: An online platform offering curated experiences and adventures for adventurous souls.

Vineeta Singh


vineeta singh shark tank india

Vineeta Singh is a prominent Indian entrepreneur known for co-founding and serving as the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, a popular cosmetics brand based in India. She is recognized for her contributions to the beauty and fashion industry, particularly for establishing Sugar Cosmetics as a leading makeup brand in the country.

Singh’s innovative approach to cosmetics and her commitment to providing high-quality products have contributed to the success and growth of Sugar Cosmetics under her leadership.

List of Startups in which Vineeta Singh has invested:

1. The Quirky Naari: Celebrating uniqueness with quirky and vibrant fashion statements for women.

2. Meatyour: Connecting carnivores with premium-quality meat products sourced from trusted suppliers.

3. Curating a wide range of stylish and functional accessories to complement modern lifestyles.

4. Vivalyf: Promoting wellness and vitality through holistic health products and lifestyle solutions.

5. Proxgy: Redefining virtual experiences with immersive and personalized proxy services.

6. Ariro: Crafting elegant and sustainable home decor pieces inspired by nature and tradition.

7. Shiprocket: Empowering e-commerce businesses with seamless and efficient shipping and logistics solutions.

8. The Yarn Bazaar: A haven for knitting enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of yarns and knitting supplies.

9. Sunfox Technologies: Innovating digital solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity across industries.

10. Isak Fragrances: Creating captivating scents that evoke emotions and memories through exquisite fragrances.

11. CosIQ: Revolutionizing skincare with intelligent formulations tailored to individual skin needs.

12. Hair Originals: Nurturing healthy and beautiful hair with natural and nourishing hair care products.

13. NOCD: Providing support and resources for individuals dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

14. RoadBounce: Simplifying road trip planning with user-friendly tools and personalized itineraries.

15. Find Your Kicks India: Curating a diverse collection of footwear to match every style and occasion.

16. EventBeep: Streamlining event management processes with intuitive and efficient software solutions.

17. JhaJi Store: A D2C pickles brand emerging from a small place in Bihar that delivers to every nook and corner of India.

18. Thinkerbell Labs: Empowering visually impaired individuals with innovative educational tools and technologies.

19. Skippi Ice Pops: Delighting taste buds with refreshing and flavorful frozen treats for all ages.

20. Booz: Elevating beverage experiences with premium-quality spirits and craft cocktails.

21. Watt Technovations: Pioneering sustainable energy solutions for a greener and brighter future.

22. Nuutjob: Men’s intimate hygiene brand curated by two female founders.

23. Kabaddi Adda: Serving as the ultimate destination for all things related to the sport of Kabaddi.

24. Josh Talks: Inspiring and empowering youth through motivational talks and engaging content.

25. Loka: Promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable living through eco-friendly products and initiatives.

26. Revolutionizing dental care with cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans.

27. Brainwired: Unlocking the full potential of the human mind through neurotechnology and cognitive enhancement.

28. BluePine Foods: Serving packaged, ready-to-cook quick-bite food like frozen momos.

29. SID07 Designs: Infusing creativity and innovation into everyday products through thoughtful design.

30. Insurance Samadhan: Providing guidance and support to policyholders navigating the complexities of insurance.

31. Carragreen: Harnessing the power of sustainable materials to create eco-friendly solutions for modern living.

32. Wakao Foods: Offering wholesome and nutritious food options for health-conscious consumers.

33. Nomad Food Project: Embarking on culinary adventures to explore diverse flavors and culinary traditions.

Ritesh Agarwal

ritesh agarwal shark tank india

Ritesh Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of OYO Rooms (OYO Hotels & Homes), one of the world’s largest hospitality chains. Born on November 16, 1993, in Bissam Cuttack, Odisha, India, Agarwal started OYO in 2013 at 19. OYO began as a platform to book budget accommodations and has since expanded globally, offering a range of lodging options including hotels, homes, and resorts. Agarwal’s entrepreneurial journey and the rapid growth of OYO have garnered widespread recognition, making him one of the youngest and most influential business leaders in India.

List of Startups in which Ritesh Agarwal has invested:

1. Zingbus: A tech-enabled bus booking platform offering convenient and affordable travel solutions.

2. Josh Talks: Empowering and inspiring individuals through insightful and motivational content and events.

3. Unacademy: India’s largest online learning platform providing quality education to millions of students.

4. Pepper Content: A content marketplace connecting businesses with skilled writers and creators.

5. Leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize business sales and revenue.

6. Agrowave: Revolutionizing agriculture with technology-driven solutions for farmers and agribusinesses.

7. Hood: A community-driven platform connecting neighbours and fostering local engagement.

8. Vetic: Providing virtual veterinary care and pet healthcare services through an online platform.

9. Dukaan: Simplifying e-commerce for small businesses with an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

10. Frogo: Curating unique and exciting experiences for individuals and groups.

11. Growthschool: Empowering entrepreneurs and business owners with practical knowledge and skills for growth.

12. Zertwerk: A digital platform connecting freelancers and businesses for project-based work.

13. Mobile Premier League (MPL): India’s leading gaming platform offering various skill-based games and tournaments.

14. Beyond Odds: Tackling social issues and promoting inclusivity through storytelling and advocacy.

15. Miko: Creating interactive and educational robots to enhance learning experiences for children.

Deepinder Goyal

deepinder goyal shark tank

Deepinder Goyal is an Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of Zomato, an online food delivery and restaurant discovery platform. He co-founded Zomato in 2008, which has since become one of the largest and most popular food delivery platforms globally. Goyal has played a key role in the growth and expansion of Zomato, leading the company through various stages of development and diversification into different segments of the food and beverage industry. He is known for his innovative approach to business and his contributions to the digital economy in India.

List of Startups in which Deepinder Goyal has invested:

1. Animall: An innovative platform connecting pet owners with reliable pet care services and products.

2. Ultrahuman: Revolutionizing wellness with advanced technology and data-driven solutions.

3. Shiprocket: Empowering businesses with seamless and efficient e-commerce logistics solutions.

4. Pristyn Care: Redefining healthcare with advanced medical treatments and personalized care.

5. Raise: A platform offering investment opportunities and financial education for aspiring investors.

6. Building a community of sustainability leaders through online education and networking.

7. Bluestone: Crafting timeless and elegant jewelry pieces for every occasion.

8. Allo Health: Providing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions through telemedicine.

9. Mainstreet: Simplifying rental property management for landlords and tenants alike.

10. The Signal: A digital platform offering curated news and analysis on global events and trends.

11. Gabit: Innovating the real estate industry with AI-powered property management solutions.

12. Airblack: Enabling travelers to discover and book unique and immersive travel experiences.

13. ChefKart: Connecting food enthusiasts with top chefs and culinary experiences.

14. Unacademy: Empowering learners with quality educational content and personalized learning pathways.

15. Threado: Streamlining communication and collaboration with intuitive team messaging software.

16. Bira91: Crafting distinctive and flavorful craft beers for beer enthusiasts.

17. Multiplier: Accelerating growth and success for startups through strategic mentorship and support.

18. Park+: Simplifying parking solutions with convenient and user-friendly mobile apps and services.

19. Geniemode: Redefining fashion with sustainable and inclusive clothing options.