Cardiotrack Secures $2 Million in Pre-Series A Funding Round


Cardiotrack, a leading provider of data-centric healthcare screening technology and services catering to health and life insurance providers, has successfully raised $2 million in a pre-series A funding round. Girish Narasimhan spearheaded the investment alongside co-investor Y S Shashidhar.

This funding round follows a previous angel investment of $1.6 million from a group of UHNIs.

Founded by Avin Agarwal, Cardiotrack delivers comprehensive at-home pathology and radiology screening services across more than 300 locations through its extensive network of diagnostic centres, technicians, and phlebotomists equipped with advanced technology. 

Cardiotrack’s pioneering screening technologies offer a convenient alternative to traditional treadmill tests, allowing individuals to undergo medical examinations from their homes via video-based consultations.

With its cutting-edge medical and IoT-grade diagnostics devices, workflow automation tools, and health data digitization solutions, Cardiotrack empowers health and life insurance providers to enhance their onboarding processes while enabling customers to manage their health proactively.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, this startup also provides valuable insights into consumer health trends. Presently, it serves nine prominent health and life insurance companies across India.