DRDO Develops Anti-Drone Technology, Enlists BEL and Private Companies for Collaboration

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has taken strides in anti-drone technology development, engaging the collaboration of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Larsen and Toubro, and the Adani Group. 


In response to DRDO’s call for interest, The Hindu reports on the initiative, highlighting the organization’s emphasis on the need for robust counter-drone systems to detect, deter, and destroy potential threats.



The expression of interest (EOI) letter issued by DRDO asserts the need to develop and implement counter-drone systems for the detection, deterrence, and destruction of incoming drone threats, aiming to mitigate and nullify their impact. 


Recognizing the unique characteristics of drones, such as speed, size, hovering capability, and resemblance to birds, DRDO emphasizes that standalone sensor systems need to be improved. 


Conventional air defence solutions designed for larger, faster aerial objects could be more effective against small, low-flying, and slow-moving drones. DRDO advocates combining detection capabilities, including microwave emission and reflection, infrared, and visible light, to ensure comprehensive drone detection and identification.



The counter-drone system developed by DRDO is engineered to detect, track, and identify airborne drones using diverse sensors. This information is seamlessly transferred to affiliated systems, enabling the deployment of countermeasures. 


The system encompasses both soft kill methods, disrupting functionality, and complex kill options, leading to the destruction of identified drones. It is designed to handle various types of drones, including Small Hybrid UAVs, Micro UAV/Multirotor, and Nano UAVs.



Key components of the Counter Drone System include:

  • A cutting-edge drone detection and tracking radar.
  • A day and night camera with laser ranging technology.
  • A Communication Channel Detection and jamming system for disrupting drone communication channels.
  • A GPS Jamming/Spoofing System to impede drones through GPS interference.

For more decisive actions, the system incorporates a laser-directed energy weapon system for executing hard-kill strategies. The Command & Control Centre (C3) is the central hub, ensuring seamless coordination and control, supported by a reliable power source for continuous system operation.