ClearTrust Funding- Secures $1.9 Million in Pre-Series A Led by Ideaspring Capital to Combat Ad Frauds


ClearTrust, a prominent ad tracking and fraud detection platform, has successfully raised $1.9 million in a Pre-Series A funding round, with Ideaspring Capital leading the investment.


Piper Serica Angel Fund and the current investor Alacrity India also contributed to the funding round. This funding follows ClearTrust’s previous seed round, which raised $200,000 from Alacrity India, Limelight UK, and ThinkNext LLC in 2021.


Founded in 2020 by tech visionaries Deepankar Biswas and Raja TN, ClearTrust addresses the challenges of ad fraud in digital advertising.


The evolving landscape of digital advertising and the lack of standardization have increased the risks associated with traffic quality for advertisers and publishers.


ClearTrust’s state-of-the-art tracking and fraud detection platform assists advertising operations, media buying companies, and teams globally. It enables them to achieve higher ROI on their digital campaigns by eliminating fraudulent and fake activity.


The new funding will support ClearTrust’s expansion into North America and further investments in research and development, particularly in AI, cybersecurity, and deep tech.


The company aims to develop critical filters that effectively detect advertising fraud, a significant threat to the advertising industry. ClearTrust currently serves 34 US, Israeli, Indian, and European clients.


Deepankar Biswas, Co-founder and CEO of ClearTrust expressed the company’s commitment to making online advertising safe and trustworthy.


With a focus on expanding into the US market, the funding will facilitate innovation and the implementation of solutions to ensure the integrity and efficiency of online advertising.


Raja TN, Co-founder and CTO of ClearTrust highlighted the challenges faced by digital advertising, where the rapid growth of ad inventory outpaces demand, providing fraudsters with opportunities to exploit brands. ClearTrust aims to save costs for advertisers by at least 30%.


ClearTrust aims to be a leader in the ad fraud detection segment, targeting a served available market of $10 billion annually. The company has demonstrated 3X annual growth for the last two years and envisions achieving a yearly revenue of $10 million by 2027.


The platform offers comprehensive security solutions, including traffic scanning, precise tracking, and a real-time dashboard with over 140+ traffic scoring filters, system alerts, and customer-centric features.


Naganand Doraswamy, Managing Partner at Ideaspring Capital, expressed excitement about partnering with ClearTrust, emphasizing the platform’s real-time, scalable cybersecurity solutions that address the increasing complexity of fraud detection in evolving digital ad formats.


Abhay Agarwal, Founder of Piper Serica Angel Fund, highlighted the escalating threat of ad fraud to the advertising industry and commended ClearTrust for developing cutting-edge technologies to tackle these challenges efficiently.


He expects ClearTrust to become a global player, aiding multinational companies in running safe and profitable advertising and digital campaigns with increased ROI.


ClearTrust’s products, ClearScan and ClearTrack, protect publishers, networks, brands, and agencies from invalid traffic and fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity and profitability of digital campaigns.