SnapE Funding- Raises $2.5 Million to boost fleet
Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) ride-hailing enterprise Snap-E Cabs recently secured a substantial investment of $2.5 million to bolster its fleet expansion efforts.
This financial infusion comes hot on BluSmart Mobility’s impressive $24 million funding round. Spearheaded by Inflection Point Ventures, the pre-series A funding round underscores Snap-E’s commitment to advancing eco-friendly transportation solutions in India. Founded in 2022 by Mayank Bindal and Jaydip Mukherjee, Snap-E prides itself on offering zero-emission electric transport services.

Presently, the company operates a fleet of 600 electric cars in Kolkata, an eastern city in India. With ambitious growth aspirations, Snap-E intends to augment its fleet by 300 to 400 vehicles by the conclusion of the current financial year. Moreover, it plans to expand its services to three new cities while incorporating up to 2,000 more EVs by the culmination of the subsequent financial year.

This strategic expansion aligns seamlessly with the Indian government’s visionary objective of having electric vehicles constitute 30% of total car sales by 2030. Such governmental initiatives afford pioneering startups like Snap-E and BluSmart a unique opportunity to fortify their foothold in the burgeoning ride-hailing market.

Rahul Wagh, the managing director at Inflection Point Ventures, emphasized the pivotal role of governmental policies at the national and state levels in fostering an environment conducive to e-mobility ventures in India.

This favourable regulatory landscape underscores the significance of sustainable transportation solutions and bolsters investor confidence in the sector. In addition to facilitating its expansion endeavours, Snap-E intends to leverage the newly acquired funding to recruit top-tier talent and introduce innovative service offerings.

By investing in human capital and embracing technological advancements, the company aims to enhance its operational efficiency and enrich the customer experience.


The influx of capital underscores investor confidence in Snap-E’s growth trajectory and the increasing prominence of sustainable transportation solutions in India’s evolving mobility landscape. 

With a firm commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation, Snap-E is poised to emerge as a frontrunner in the Indian ride-hailing sector, catalyzing the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.