Oopar Club, a social networking platform, raises Rs 50 lakh funding from PedalStart


Oopar Club, a community-driven social networking and socialization-tech platform, has secured Rs 50 lakh in its inaugural pre-seed funding round. PedalStart, a startup community-building entity, led the funding, with participation from Ankitt Jain, co-founder of Paper Arizona.


According to Oopar Club’s press release, the funds raised will be directed towards several key areas, including technology upgrades for its flagship platform, talent acquisition, expanding its user base, and accelerating overall growth. Additionally, the investment will fuel product and tech enhancements and team-building efforts.


Established in 2022 by Sagar Agarwal, Pragya Srivastava, and Sourabh Akash, Oopar Club aims to develop a community-based ecosystem that facilitates genuine connections among adults, fostering personal growth through meaningful interactions with like-minded individuals.


Based in Bengaluru, the startup is committed to addressing the prevalent challenges of urban loneliness, isolation, and stagnant personal development, particularly among young and middle-aged professionals in tier I and II cities across India.


Oopar Club’s mobile app is currently available on Android and iOS platforms, offering users rewards for regularly socializing and engaging in healthy habits. The platform’s primary competition lies in local clubs and communities, as it endeavours to organize the unorganized segment of social interaction.


PedalStart boasts a community of over 10,000 startups, comprising more than 300 mentors and 800 founders. As a sector-agnostic platform, PedalStart invests across various sectors, including agritech, insuretech, cleantech, healthcare, and network. 


It is also exploring investment opportunities in emerging fields such as robotics, medical science, and deep tech. Notable startups backed by PedalStart include Newtral.io, BetterSpace, Bull Agritech, OhLocal, and Rupid.